FAQ: UKARA - How do I sign up?

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FAQ: UKARA - How do I sign up?

Postby azaonline » Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:00 pm

UKARA was setup by group of retailers who have created a scheme to recognise airsoft players who are a member of an airsoft site. Legally, to purchase a imitation or replica firearm (RiF) in the UK, you have to be an airsofter. The UKARA scheme allows retailers to validate a player as a recognised airsofter.

Absolute Airsoft is a registered UKARA skirmish site, and can provide UKARA memberships to its players. To register for a UKARA membership, you must have booked in and attended at least 3 games over a two (or more) month period.

You can register on our website at http://www.absolute-airsoft.co.uk/membership

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